Our Mission

GBP serves as a trusted financial adviser team to our clients in achieving their financial goals through professionalism, integrity, and quality services. We are committed and dedicated to delivering our services with a holistic approach to meet the needs of our clients.

Message from the Ceo

Roland R. Naku

Chief Executive Officer

A passionate and driven independent financial advisor with over four decades of experiences and expertise in the financial services industry. My goal is assisting our clients to fulfill their financial goals with sound financial strategies. As Founder, CEO, of Global Business Professionals, Inc. (GBP) whose mission is to provide business owners, individuals, and families financial advisory and solutions on the path to financial success. GBP Inc. is a financial and insurance consulting firm that has aligned with experts and specialists in the insurance industry in designing their financial planning.


"Roland is very knowledgeable and treats his clients like family. I highly recommend giving Roland a call!"

Kate Lane -CEO

"Highly recommend. Works hard to do what's right for the client. Masterful at building a business team. Generous in providing advice and connecting people. Roland is a great business advisor to have on your side!"

Russell Doi -Realtor

"Roland is very knowledgeable in the financial and insurance industry with almost 40 years experience. He is interested in other people, their needs and how to best serve them."

Susan Lucas -CEO

How We Got Started

The financial game has changed! Trillion dollar deficits, people are living much longer, inflation, cost of living, and uncertainty of our retirement system. One may ask, how can I receive a higher return without market risk? Can I outlive my qualified plan, i.e. 401K? GBP provides financial solutions to our clients.

We do three important things for our clients;

  •  Wealth accumulation with protection.
  • Tax-advantaged income distribution with guarantees.
  • Asset protection, with tax efficient transference.

There are three major problems facing companies today, specifically the rising cost of healthcare, payroll, taxes, workman’s compensation, and addressing those issues with employers. Saving habits of Americans is 4.3% compared to Europeans 10%-12%.

GBP’s “holistic” approach allows us to understand the total financial picture about your goals. Together, with my team and I are ready to assist you to reduce financial stress, build a solid financial foundation, protect assets that’s important to you and your family, achieve your financial success and dreams, and give you the peace of mind knowing that your financial plan will transform and adapt as you and your life changes.

With the positive advances of technology, GBP, Inc. and its team can serve and assist clients’ financial and estate planning nationwide.


Giving Great Service Require Great People

Our passionate and driven financial advisors are determined to help you reduce financial stress and set you up for financial success. Financial security requires a careful planning and analyzation. Global Business Professionals Team, thoroughly evaluate your financial standing using our “holistic” approach where we provide well-thought-out plans for unforeseen events, minimizing your taxation, outpace inflation and stock up your financial assets.

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